About Me

I love the duality of people; how we can be passionately outgoing, and yet feel so isolated & stuck in the same breath. It's one of the biggest driving forces in everything I do; from acting to teaching; from martial arts to dancing in my living room. 

Originally from Los Angeles, I was a precocious tom-boy that embodied the duality I am fascinated by; in short, I was gregarious and alone. I grew-up quickly in a single-parent household, and was often found running around like a bat-out-of-hell or absorbing the adult world of TV & Film, with ideas and themes beyond my age. This all probably explains why every story I tell involves the double identities we embody and the taboo we are trying to cover-up. 

Height: 5"4

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​


Company Productions | The Last Girl | Shira Rosenwzeig   Maya Essner

Fast Fire Films| Layover | Israel Brooks 


Massive Square | Eighty-Five Percent VR360 | Aitor Zaldua  The Woman

Iron Sight Prod. | Aurora | Jack Carter


Asylum, SyFy  | Sharknado | Anthony C Ferrante


Dream Hunters Studio | The 5th Dimension | George Roberson


MMC Joule Films  | Someplace Better Than Here | Devin Maurer



Voltage | Nasty, Brutish Shorts | Jim Hanna


Smith 360| Codename | James Smith


Juice Monkey Prod. |  Zombies in the Valley| Anthony Jefferson


The Global Asylum | Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus | Chris Ray

USS Invincible Researcher

ABC  | General Hospital | Scott McKinsey


2010 - present
2010 - present

Odyssey Theatre Ensemble | Fefu & Her Friends | Denise Blasor


School of Night | Punch & Judy | Christopher Johnson


Production Company | Very Still & Hard to See | Michael Matthews

Ginger/Simone - World Premiere

Archway Theatres | Electra | JP Rapozo


School of Night, Lounge Thtr | Faggot King | Christopher Johnson


Commercials &
Voice Over

Conflicts available upon request

Sam Christensen Studios | The Process | Sam Christensen

Training &

Actors! Where are you going? | Lawlessness of Sides | John Dapolito

Armstrong VO | Voice Over Privates | Robin Armstrong​

Second City, Hollywood | Improvisation | Doug Morency

The Director's Studio | Cold Reading | Phil Abrams​

A/ACT | Stanislovski / Active Analysis | Sharon Marie Carnic​ke

LA Connection Comedy Club | Improvisation | Dan Weisman

Special Skills

Improv Comedy (Short Form), Martial Arts - Tai' Chi Chuan & Kung Fu (Black Belt), Dialects, Competency in Handguns & Stunt work, Works well with Children & Animals